At Office Environments, we are committed to designing healthcare solutions that enhance the healing process.

At Office Environments, we understand that choosing furniture for a hospital, clinic, physician's office, or government healthcare facility is far different than outfitting a business office. The extent to which a space supports the activities of caregivers and enables the comfort of patients and family members can profoundly impact care quality and patient satisfaction. Our team has the experience adressing the needs of healthcare facilties such as safety, cleanbility, aesthetics, innovation, and cost-efficiency. 

Healthcare Furnishings Leader

Office Environments offers hospital furniture and general healthcare furnishings specially crafted to meet these evolving demands. Herman Miller Healthcare leads the industry in designing appealing yet durable healthcare furniture for tough clinical environments. Included is the Compass System for facilities facing space limitations or small footprints. It's modularly designed and fully customizable for every purpose, from patient rooms to exam areas including caregiver work zones and clinical procedure space.

Patient Lounges or Lab Space

Other healthcare furniture solutions from Office Environments include Herman Miller's Ethospace System of sturdy, steel frame, caregiver work areas. The Co/Struc System of wall-mounted counter and storage cabinets optimally serves patient care facilities, pharmacies, and laboratories. Patient waiting areas are made warmer and visually appealing through Nemschoff’s Palisade Collection of tables and seating that feature bright colors of pleasing yet durable materials. Numerous seating configurations are also available as are highly efficient reclining exam chairs for patient procedure rooms.

Healthcare solutions:

  • Cafeterias
  • Clinical support areas
  • Consultation rooms
  • Exam room equipment
  • Integration stations
  • Interior floor-to-ceiling walls
  • Laboratories
  • Lobbies
  • Lounge areas
  • Medical exam room furniture
  • Modular conference room furniture
  • Modular millwork
  • Nurse stations
  • Outdoor patio areas
  • Patient rooms
  • Pharmacies
  • Registration areas
  • Staff offices
  • Training rooms

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