rePurpose Program

rePurpose Program

Our rePurpose program helps you give new life to things your organization no longer needs. 

As a Herman Miller Certified Dealer, Office Environments can help your organization participate in their furniture recycling services, called the rePurpose Program. Many organizations have had success with this program and reducing their corporate footprint. 

GM, Herman Miller and Green Standards RePurpose Program Sizzles | General Motors
GM is redesigning its work environment at several locations, resulting in tens of thousands of pieces of excess furniture, equipment, and supplies - all used in the Herman Miller rePurpose Program.

Your furniture—or whatever asset you need to dispose of—goes to deserving nonprofits in your backyard and around the world, which lets them focus scarce funds on their mission. You immediately transfer title, which frees you of any liability. You might also be eligible for a tax credit for the fair market value of the items donated. Most important, the earth benefits from what it doesn't get—waste that would otherwise clog its landfills. 

If you are interested in learning how our furniture recycling services can reduce your corporate asset waste, contact our dealer team.