Our Living Office

With the transformation of our Birmingham showroom into a Living Office, our organization has experienced a great increase in productivity, collaboration, and employee happiness.

Today, we recognize we are amidst a period of great social change. The fundamental ideas behind what work is, how and where it is done, and even why we do it have changed. Three years ago, Herman Miller asked: what if we left all preconceived notions of what an office should be like, and created an environment that reflected the way people truly work? This sparked the Living Office.

The Living Office is more than a furnishing solution, it’s a workplace strategy that applies a deeper understanding of what makes us human to help create workplaces that deliver a more natural and desirable experience of work for people, and fuel greater outcomes for organizations.

Beginning October 2016, we started the transformation of our existing space into a Living Office Showroom. Before, our office was out of sync with our people, the way they work, and the tools they use. Outfitted with rows of cubicles to support repetitive process work, wasted space, and cumbersome or stationary technology, our space was not being used to its full potential. Through a holistic offering of knowledge, tools, products and services, Living Office helped our organization create settings where surroundings, furnishings, and tools work in concert to meet our team’s fundamental needs. Our space is now a strategic tool for supporting our drivers of success.

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