Soundproof like Framery. Futureproof like no other. Framery One.

Meet Framey One, the world's first connected soundproof pod. It is stylish, smart, incorporates the latest technology, and leads in sound insulation and echo-free acoustics. Look forward to a highly adaptable workspace where you won't be disturbed by noise or distractions.

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Framery One.

Once you step inside, you don’t have to worry about private conversations being overheard, or disturbing co-workers, thanks to the pod’s impressive sound insulation. Integrate with your calendar system to book a slot easily, or, if the pod is free, simply step inside and it will be reserved automatically. Meanwhile, the occupancy light lets people outside know whether the pod is free to use – or not. Framery One’s controls are just a swipe away. You can manage the booth through its high-res touchscreen.

Framery One adapts to suit you.

Framery One adapts to suit you. Both the seat and table are easy to adjust – or if you work best on your feet, opt for a pod without a seat. High quality air will keep you feeling fresh and focused, thanks to the pod’s impressive ventilation. Framery One comes in many colors, so you can adapt it, inside and out, to suit your company style.

Your safety is of utmost importance, which is why we use steel as our core material, ensuring the structure is fireproof. Sustainability is also key. In fact, 95% of the material used in the highly durable pod can be recycled.

Behind the Scenes

Behind the scenes, our digital management system, Framery Connect keeps the Framery One performing perfectly and alerts you to any potential issues. It shows usage data, sends automatic maintenance notifications, gives direct access to Framery with lightning fast maintenance service and provides a pod guarantee for your entire subscribtion.

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