Terms and Conditions

Review Office Environment's payment Terms and Conditions for clients.

Payment Terms: Full payment is required at time of order for new client purchases of $5,000 or less. Purchases over $5,000 require a 50% deposit at time of order upon approved credit. Buyer agrees to pay net balance 20 days after invoice. Buyer agrees to pay a finance charge of 1-1/2% per month on the unpaid balance of each invoice for each month it is past due. Buyer additionally agrees to pay all expenses, including but not limited to reasonable attorney fees and court costs which Seller incurs by reason of Buyer’s default on non-payment. Acceptance of delivery constitutes acceptance of the merchandise as delivered. No payment shall be withheld on any invoice because of partial delivery of the entire order. We accept payments on MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Discover. All credit card transactions are subject to a 3% fee.

Taxes: Prices may not include any applicable sales, use or any other tax. Any applicable taxes will be added to price at the time of invoicing and Buyer agrees to pay same.

Permits: Prices may not include any applicable permits. Any applicable permits will be added to the price at the time of invoicing and the Buyer agrees to pay the same.

Freight: Prices may not include any freight charges. Freight charges are additional and separate costs which will be added to price at the time of invoicing and are the responsibility of the Buyer. Buyer agrees to pay same.

Delivery and Installation: In the event that delivery and/or installation are required as a part of the proposal, the following provisions shall apply:

1. Condition of job site: The job site shall be clean, clear and free of debris prior to installation. Construction or other delays must be communicated as soon as possible to Office Environments, Inc. We will attempt to accommodate client schedules however; additional charges may apply as a result of additional labor, storage, and freight charges incurred by Office Environments, Inc.

2. Job site service: Electric current, heat, hoisting and/or elevator service will be provided without charges to Seller. Adequate facilities for off-loading, staging, moving and handling of merchandise shall be provided.

3. Special packaging or handling: If special package is required that is not contained in the specification, it will be subject to an extra charge to the Buyer.

4. Delivery during normal business hours: Deliver and installation will be made during normal working hours. Overtime work performed at the Buyer’s request will be billed at 1.5 times the normal working hour’s rate.

5. Damage: After arrival at the site, any loss or damage by weather, or trades, such as painting or plastering, by fire or other element shall be the responsibility of the Buyer, and the Buyer agrees to indemnify and hold Seller harmless from loss for such reasons.

6. Delays: Office Environments, Inc. is not responsible for delays in delivery due to conditions beyond our control.

Damage: Claims for damaged furniture will be processed by the Seller, and damaged merchandise will be repaired or replaced at the discretion of the seller.

Warehousing and Storage: Merchandise is ordered to meet specific installation schedules. If installation is delayed beyond the original date, the merchandise will be invoiced and payment expected even though stored for future delivery. The labor portion, if any, will be invoiced upon completion of installation unless otherwise agreed upon. If storage time exceeds by 30 days the original agreed installation date, Office Environments, Inc. reserves the right to charge a 1-1/2% monthly storage fee based on the contracted price of the goods being stored.

Billing: All Merchandise will be billed immediately upon delivery unless otherwise provided herein. All direct shipments and C.O.M. charged from the factory to Buyer are billed immediately upon shipment notification from the supplier. All merchandise ordered is to be delivered upon receipt.

Acceptance: This proposal for the purchase of merchandise must be approved and submitted by the Seller within 10 days to ensure firm prices, unless otherwise agreed upon.

Cancellation charges: In the event that this proposal is approved and submitted by the Buyer to the Seller and becomes an order, it is understood and agreed that it cannot be cancelled or changed except by written mutual consent by the parties.

MERCHANDISE IS NOT RETURNABLE: All merchandise is ordered specifically for each customer. No merchandise may be returned unless for specific repair or damage issues.

Design: All design coordinated layouts, equipment suggestions and colors are the exclusive property of Office Environments, Inc. and use of them by other parties is prohibited.

No other agreements: The parties covenant by their signature hereto and specifically represent that they have read and reviewed this contract in its totality and that there are no other terms, conditions, warranties or agreements, express or implied, other than those set forth herein except those set forth in the specifications, delivery and installation schedules. This document contains the entire agreement of the undersigned. The terms and conditions of this agreement should not be varied except upon the written approval of both Buyer and Seller.