Birmingham Showroom

Centrally located in downtown Birmingham, this showroom has been transformed into a creative, collaborative space.

In October 2016, we started the transformation of our existing space into a Living Office Showroom. Before, our Birmingham office was out of sync with our team, the way they work, and the tools they use. Outfitted with rows of cubicles, wasted space, and cumbersome or stationary technology, the space was not being used to its full potential.

We believe the workplace can be a powerful asset that helps an organization succeed. Through a holistic offering of knowledge, tools, products and services, Living Office achieved this goal. Our new space combines unique surroundings with functional furnishings to meet our teams fundamental needs and to drive success.

View our gallery now, and hover over products that spark your interest for more information. To schedule a tour of the Birmingham showroom, or to gather more information about our space, contact us today!

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