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What to Expect at NeoCon 2017

NeoCon, commercial interior's biggest event of the year, is just three days away! Before you leave, read our scoop on what to expect in Chicago.

With 1 million square feet of exhibit space showcasing furnishings from the best commercial design manufacturers, NeoCon is marathon, not a sprint. There's so much to see that it can get a little overwhelming. So put down your suitcase, and read our guide of what to expect at this year's NeoCon.

Unlike the weather in Chicago, there is one thing we can confidently predict at the expo this year - the trend of "resi-mmercial." The idea of bringing residential elements into the office is not a new concept. In fact, George Nelson once called the ideal office "a daytime living room," a place organized for productivity while still giving the comforts of home. While the idea of a residential-like office is not ground-breaking, expect to see it from almost all manufacturers in a way bigger than before. Many manufacturers have collaborated with residential furniture designers, so expect to see lots of soft and comfy lounge seating - an update from the boxy feel of most contract furniture.

"Siri, raise my desk to standing height."

With our lives reliant on technology for almost everything these days, the furniture industry is joining the party and coming out with tech-integrated furniture. Expect to see lots of internet connect tables, chairs, and more from manufacturers. With the emergence of sensors that track the way people work, we are now seeing the same technology for changing the way we work. Personalized experiences will be changed with the release of connected furniture, allowing people to manage their preferences and track their activity in the office. This new connected furniture will also allow organizations to analyze, optimize and continuously evolve their workplace.

Herman Miller: A Family of Brands

The Herman Miller family of brands will be on full-display at this year's expo. Experience a mix of their lines intertwined as one, creating a very diverse application. Expect splashes of Maharam fabric with the classic Herman Miller Collection pieces, products from newly acquired Design Within Reach, rich, wood pieces from Geiger, and more from the brand umbrella. It will truly be an exciting space you wont want to miss.

Living Office Comes to Life

Thanks to coffee-houses and wireless technology, the way people work has changed. As a response, Herman Miller developed the Living Office. This human-centered approach to workplace design applies a deeper understanding of what makes us human to help create workplaces that deliver a more natural and desirable experience of work for people and fuel greater outcomes for organizations. While Living Office is not new to NeoCon, expect to see big enhancements thanks to the addition of tech-integrated furniture. They also are placing emphasis on settings and displaying the possibilities of personal work areas in an open-office workplace. Be sure to stop by Herman Miller at The Mart and see Living Office come to life.

The workplace and the way we work continues to change, which is what makes NeoCon so exciting. We can't wait to see what's in store from the leading manufacturers in the industry and all the excitement that follows! See you at The Mart!

Must See Exhibits

  • Herman Miller - 321
    with Design Within Reach, Naughtone, Maharam
  • Geiger - 318
  • Herman Miller Healthcare & Nemschoff - 330
  • OFS Brands - 1132
    with Highmark, Carolina, First Office, Loewenstein