13 Must-See Products from NeoCon 2018

This year at NeoCon, Herman Miller debuted more new products than you could count on both hands. Check out all the new designs in our gallery, and see what it means to be in good company with Herman Miller’s family of brands.

Herman Miller Neo Con 2018 Elements 1

(Scroll through the gallery above for product photos)

1. Axon Tables – A suite of conference room tables that go beyond cable management, Axon Tables are designed with connections along the table surface for power and data, voice, and videoconferencing. Designed by Naoto Fukasawa and Keiji Takeuchi.

2. Leeway Seating – Geiger’s most varied seating line, Leeway allows freedom of movement within a minimal footprint. With Leeway’s cantilevered backrest, people have a place to rest elbows and the space to shift naturally in the chair as they collaborate or socialize. Designed by Keiji Takeuchi.

3. Bespoke Casegoods – This vignette of custom-crafted casegoods celebrates everything that makes Geiger casegoods unique in one beautiful setting. A medley of materials, functionality, technology support, and custom-manufactured components demonstrate Geiger’s prowess in customizing products for clients who want something special.

4. Reframe Lounge Furniture – Reframe’s lounge chairs come in three back heights: a high-back, a mid-back designed to encourage conversation, a wing-back designed for greater focus. Reframe’s suite of coordinating tables is designed to support both collaborative and individual work settings. Designed by EOOS.

Reframe is displayed in Geiger’s new Savona Collection, a suite of five textiles in all-season wool blends combining luxury, performance, crispness, and a soft hand. Designed by BassamFellows.

5. Canvas Vista – A desking system that makes small workstations feel big and inviting, Canvas Vista has a trim design, freeing up space that can be used to add either people or diverse settings. It provides compression without compromise, giving people all they need in a space they can personalize. Part of the Canvas Office Landscape platform, Vista gives organizations a refined way to furnish offices and express their character. Designed by Joey Ruiter.

6. Living Office Workplace Services – This vignette demonstrates how Herman Miller’s team of specialists can help shape a workplace where the people propel organizational growth, whether an organization is aiming to enact a cultural shift, increase efficiency, or scale technology for people and their work. Live OS (a smart system of furnishings, app, and dashboard and Living Office Settings) and collaborative-technology partners will be featured.

Next to the Living Office exhibit is a Framery O from Herman Miller’s newest alliance partner, Framery. This maker of privacy pods that enhance concentration and encourage efficiency improves Herman Miller’s offering of products that bring order to the open office.

7. Overlay – Designed to transform an open floorplan, Overlay is a system of sub-architectural, movable walls that can create freestanding rooms, give shape to open spaces, or simply divide areas. It takes only a few hours and a few people to move an Overlay space from one location to another in the floorplan, allowing it to function as one space today and serve a totally different purpose tomorrow. Designed by Birsel + Seck.

8. Cosm – In this vignette, visitors will be able to try out Herman Miller’s most recent seating innovation. Cosm has a sophisticated ergonomic design that instantly responds to each person’s body, movement, and posture to provide natural balance, and total support. This makes Cosm ideal for organizations where people sit in a variety of settings throughout the day. Cosm offers a new experience of comfort – anywhere in the office. Designed by Studio 7.5.

9. Lino – A new ergonomic task chair at the nexus of comfort and value, Lino brings scientifically backed comfort and a wide range of aesthetic options to the workplace or home. Everyone should enjoy a well-designed, comfortable chair while they work, and Lino helps make that possibility a reality. Designed by Industrial Facility.

10. Elements – A diverse selection of expressive furnishings from Herman Miller’s family of brands is on display in this vignette. With 350 product lines across six brands, the Elements portfolio is the most diverse grouping of ancillary furnishings in the industry, giving customers a new level of precision in expressing their corporate identities.

11. Maars – In advance of NeoCon, Herman Miller announced the intent to acquire an interest in Maars, the leading producer of standardized and customized partition walls. Maars’ products will be a key part of Herman Miller’s new enclosed settings portfolio, which provides a variety of solutions for interior spaces that require different levels of acoustic privacy and permanence.

12. Palisade – Charles Eames said, “The role of the architect, or the designer, is that of a very good, thoughtful host.” The Palisade collection of healthcare products for public and waiting spaces embodies that principle, communicating care and comfort. The vignette shows how, through varying arrangements, Palisade gives people of all ages and abilities choices for accommodation, as its unifying visual language gives interiors a cohesive look. Designed by Jess Sorel.

13. Mora – Designing healing spaces to be adaptive gives healthcare organizations the flexibility to address both short- and long-term challenges. Mora is a versatile alternative to casework designed to fit together precisely for a clean, architectural look and the thoughtful capability to customize. Mora is a beautiful, intuitive way to organize, with storage choices that keeps some supplies concealed and others readily accessible. Designed by Colin Nourie.

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