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17 Effortless Ways to Create a Cozy Office Space

After a long day at work, do you ever just throw on your pajamas, pour a glass of whatever comforts you, and curl up with a blanket?

September 19, 2018
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Today, employees are working longer and harder than ever before and offices are changing to fit the needs of the employee. Many people choose to work from home. This must be ideal; being on the couch, with a pet, an abundance of pillows, a blanket, even your bed! Why not find a way to make your office space just as cozy and warm as your home? As the seasons begin to change, and it becomes colder and darker; find a way to make your office a place where you want to be. We spend most of our life working, we might as well feel good as we do it.

The citizens of Denmark live by the term hygge (HOO-ga). This translates to coziness, happiness, and the lack of anything unpleasant. This sounds like a great way to live! It is also known that the Danish are some of the happiest people in the world, this cannot be a coincidence. Hygge is a way of life for the Danish; their winters are long, dark, and cold. Getting cozy is their way of surviving the winter months, and it can be yours too.

Here are 17 effortless ways to “hyggify” your office to make those hours of work more comfortable.

1. First, decide what cozy means to you. What makes you content and calm? What must be in your personal idea of hygge?

2. Warm neutrals are a great way to brighten your space as the sun begins to set earlier. Think greys, tans, and light blues. This can be done with paints and materials.

3. Use a comfy rug under your desk, give your feet a break from the heels and rest your feet somewhere cozy as you work.

4. Take a break from the coffee and have some hot chocolate with marshmallows.

5. Bring natural elements into your space since it can sometimes get too cold to be outdoors.

6. Use more lamps than overhead lighting.

7. Bring a blanket to work.

8. Choose peaceful and soothing art, stay away from anything too bold.

9. Add plants to your space. Succulents are a great choice, this is another great way to bring the outdoors in.

10. Spray some lavender around your desk. Lavender is known to be soothing and calming.

11. Decorate for the seasons. Who doesn’t want a Christmas tree in the office? This definitely brings joy to any space.

12. Make a reading nook in the office. Have books and blankets available.

13. Keep the office clean. Clutter creates distraction.

14. Bring a personal item to your space. Think picture frames or a drawing from your child. This will bring happiness to your space.

15. Use a sound machine or desk fan to drown out loud noise in a chaotic office.

16. Get a new desk chair that you actually want to sit in.

17. Choose home-like furniture instead of standard office furniture. This is sure to make you feel cozier.