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  • NeoCon 50: Must See Exhibits

NeoCon 50: Must See Exhibits

NeoCon50 is almost here! And if you've ever been to The Mart during the expo, you know that it's simply too hard to see it all. Luckily for you, we've got the scoop for the must-see exhibits at this year's show.

Neocon Gallery Main 1

Last week, we talked about the changes in the industry over the last 50 years and how that has been displayed at NeoCon. As the leading expo in commercial design celebrates it's 50th Anniversary this year, we wanted to give you all the inside scoop on what to expect and which showrooms you MUST see...

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Herman Miller, 2017 NeoCon Showroom, The Mart 330
Neo Con17 Hm 7139 Ret 20170609114034555
HM Healthcare & Nemschoff, 2017 NeoCon Showroom, The Mart 321
Geiger Wood Base Saiba Neo Con 2016
Geiger, 2017 NeoCon Showroom, The Mart 330
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Naughtone, 2017 NeoCon South Lobby, Showroom at The Mart 10-110
Ofb Neo Con2017 Zone20 2
OFS Brands, 2017 NeoCon Showroom, The Mart 1132
Fabric showroom

3rd Floor Showrooms

Herman Miller | 330

You absolutely won't want to miss Herman Miller's showroom this year. The leader in contract furniture design will be packed with new products and Living Office setting thought-starters. First, stop in and try out each of the new Cosm Chairs - there are several configurations. This new task chair family is sure to be the talk of the show! Next be sure to check out the other new products from Herman Miller including a smaller footprint desking system that doesn't compromise on design and storage, and also new system of freestanding sub-architectural walls.

HM Healthcare | 321
Nemschoff | 321

The combined showroom of HM Healthcare and Nemschoff is more than just a healthcare showroom thanks to the extension of the Palisade Collection from Nemschoff. This expanded lounge solution has new seating and surface options to allow occupants of any waiting or public areas to feel comfort for long periods of time and give them the tools they need to relax and work.

Geiger | 318

Step into a world of rich veneers and fabrics and explore the several new product introductions from Geiger. One must-see line is their new conference table solution that (finally!) balances design, technology/data support, device charging, and digital display sharing.

Boss Design | 359
JSI & Community | 3-111
Davis | 3-115
Stylex | 346
HBF + HBF Textiles | 387
Keilhauer | 373
Leeland | 337

7th Floor Showrooms

Friant | 7-5046
Snowsound | 7-5018
Koncept Lighting | 7-9086
Symmetry Office | 7-1068

10th Floor Showrooms

Naughtone | 10-110
Global Furniture | 1035
Workrite | 10-152
Via Seating | 10-148
Krug | 1012
BuzziSpace | 10-111
Sandler Seating | 1099
Halcon | 10-121
Carnegie | 10-112

11th Floor Showrooms

OFS Brands | 1132
Maharam | 1188

The Maharam Showroom on the 11th Floor never disappoints with its display of rich textiles. You can also see Maharam's materials and accessories on display in the Herman Miller Showroom (3rd Floor, 330) as part of the Elements display.

Enwork | 11-118
Touy | 1159
Carvart | 11-136
SitOnIt & Ideon | 1150
CF Group, Falcon & Thonet | 11-111
Gunlocke | 1126