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Creating a Culture-Forward Setting for Employees to Thrive

Culture-forward is the demand of the modern workforce. The days of heavy wood paneling and traditional hunter green in the office place are as yesterday as the multiple-martini lunch, and it’s time to welcome in a new era to reflect where we are and what’s next on the agenda.

August 7, 2019

The commitment to a proper work-life balance in the burgeoning era of company culture translates into creating a setting for all employees to feel comfortable and poised for productivity. If you take a step back to look at overall office décor and design scheme, there are ways to implement an employee-positive strategy (without going overboard in one direction or another).

Infuse the right splashes of color

By keeping wall colors neutral without veering too far toward bland, you create a backdrop for the furnishings and accent pieces to make statements of their own.

white desks with lamps

It’s also a good practice to choose lighting fixtures that stray from the conventional fluorescent lighting. A creative mix of lamps and lighting enables employees to adjust lighting depending on ambient influences, while creating a sense of style that strays far from the bland, infusing a sense of liveliness in a space.

Embrace the change

Just because an antique etagere has always held a place of prominence in a common area such as a boardroom or employee break room, it doesn’t have to be part of your company’s future. You can hold on to a sense of history without keeping a dated piece that’s become an eyesore in a more contemporary workplace.

When you set an eclectic tone for the décor, you’re creating an atmosphere that invites individuals from all walks of life. You can mix bold accents with comfortable designs to establish an inviting setting and eschew the outdated clichés of floral prints, pastel hues, heavy mahogany and run-of-the-mill horses and hounds prints. By choosing furnishings with a contemporary twist on color and styling, it’s less about who’s using a space than it is about simply recognizing a setting that sparks innovative thinking. It’s the practice of embracing modernity with furniture that reflects the fast pace we’re traveling and the people who are sharing the journey.

Put the past in the rearview

The idea people in your company are less likely to brainstorm effectively in a personality-free square dominated by a squeaky old leather chesterfield than if the atmosphere around you inspires with forward-thinking elegance and a sense of vibrant style.

If you’re guilty of showcasing faux floral arrangements, it’s time to toss them. Choose living plants to reflect the vitality around you, or go streamlined, letting modern pieces express themselves with clean lines and out-of-the-box flair.

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Consider change an investment

The overall objective in modernizing your office setting is to create an environment for staff to feel comfortable and to be productive rather than compartmentalized. With a culture-forward setting styled with a twist of taste and a dash of boldness, you’ve set the tone for success among employees who feel welcome in the workplace.

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