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Ergonomic Design and Its Impact on Work Productivity

To design exclusively on aesthetics does not a happy worker make. As workers ebb and flow throughout their workplace, they need furniture and spaces that encourage productivity and comfort. Furniture and design must address it all.

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Enter ergonomic design, where form meets function -- for a better workforce.

An Overview of Ergonomics

Centered around wellbeing, ergonomic design seeks to create an environment that encourages workers to feel healthy, productive and engaged.

Think of it this way: if a worker uses an office chair throughout a workday, should the chair not only be beautiful but also comfortable? Effective ergonomics allows workers to feel better in their space, through comfortable seating, better collaboration and furniture that moves the way they do.

The Importance of Ergonomics

Sometimes called human factor engineering, ergonomics address the ‘human’ element that upscale furniture sometimes forgets. Of course, this balance of style and comfort is difficult to strike. In order to truly meet the needs of a changing workforce, furniture must first tackle the ergonomics of a population. Only then can aesthetics serve a purpose.

So how does design accomplish this? By first understanding how people work.

Multiple disciplines go into ergonomics, particularly:

  • Biomechanics, like strength, forces and muscles
  • Environmental factors, like noise, temperature, hearing, vision and sensations
  • Anthropometry, such as populations, body size and shapes

Data is compiled from these disciplines to understand the best conditions for work productivity, minimizing harm and encouraging humans to thrive in their changing environments.

Implementing Ergonomics

Although ergonomics extends into any field of design that involves humans, it’s relatively simple to implement in your workspace.

Sit-to-stand desks allow workers to choose how they work best -- and it doesn’t involve a redesign of your office layout. Adjustable office chairs that support the spine and encourage upright sitting is another simple, yet effective option for increased productivity.

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For more complex solutions, like power banks and monitor stands, we recommend having a conversation with a workspace designer who can address your concerns and offer solutions for better ergonomics at your office.

Office Environments, Experts at Ergonomics

Office Environments, certified dealer of Herman Miller products, is an expert in the field of ergonomics, offering cutting-edge office solutions that seamlessly marry form with function. From planning to execution, Office Environments can work with your team on amplifying your work productivity through thoughtful, elegant ergonomic design. Or check out our growing list of office solutions, like ergonomic desks, chairs, tables and power banks.

Ensure your team is performing at its very best with perfect-fit ergonomics tailored to your unique culture. Besides, you rely on your team to get the job done, why not invest in design that encourages their best work?

From quality furnishings to installation, Office Environments creates innovative, well-designed workplaces that allow your organization to thrive. Drop by one of our locations in Alabama and Florida or visit www.officenvironments.com to learn more about us and how we can transform your workplace.