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Exceptional Ergonomics, Uncompromising Design through Herman Miller

We don’t have an answer for the rapid, welcomed interest in the humanity of work, but this we can be assured of: as time progresses, and the lines increasingly blur between work and life, more emphasis is placed on the health and wellbeing of the modern workforce.

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As we’ve discussed, ergonomic design is the bridge between a motivated and healthy employee. We sat down with Natalie Osborn Marion, designer for Office Environments, to hear her thoughts on the influx of ergonomics -- and simple ways to adopt it for your office.

The Chair: An Easy Introduction

“Getting a good task chair is a great intro into the world of ergonomics. It seems simple, but this one investment makes a huge difference in your overall quality of work,” says Natalie.

We agree; a task chair is a simple, cost-conscious move towards ergonomics for all. And it’s simple to adopt; where sit-to-stand desks demand workforce participation and habit enforcement, a chair seamlessly fits into your current culture.

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“People who sit at a desk all day can really suffer from various ailments if they are not properly supported in their back and legs,” says Natalie.

With modern Americans sedentary for at least 21 hours sitting a day, it’s becoming increasingly imperative that they’re supported through anatomically-focused, ergonomic design.

A task chair meets your employees where they’re at, and when they’re ready, you can nudge them towards better health through a comprehensive suite of ergonomic products, including desks, a mixture of artificial and natural light, and better-positioned monitors.

Desk Disruption

However, Natalie says, there’s a major uptick in the interest of height-adjustable tables. In fact, she says that a desk is the most effective adoption of ergonomic design.

“We are seeing a huge flux for height-adjustable tables. I’m specifying them on every project that comes across my desk. Some businesses are even making it a standard product for their employees because of the great benefits and flexibility they give. Employees love them!”

Modern research has shown a direct correlation between sitting and the increased risk of obesity, cancer, diabetes and some forms of cardiovascular disease. Encourage the wellbeing of your company culture through multiple desk options and sleek design.

A sit-to-stand table desk provides flexibility: From sitting to standing and back again, your workers are in control, and most importantly, supported throughout their daily activities.

Encouragement in Ergonomic Small Details

Natalie also notes a rise in LiveOS, an intuitive, cloud-based platform that analyzes and compiles data on your workplace strategy, which encourages users to stand or take a break to disrupt their day -- for better cognition and health.

Through a thoughtful app and data dashboard, your workforce are empowered to learn about their habits and set preferences on their sitting-to-standing ratio (and feel comfortable moving between the two throughout the day).

Data has shown that the Herman Miller Live app and furnishings promotes more activity. The app and furnishing, working in tandem, nudge employees to change postures and achieve actionable activity goals.

With a heightened level of activity, your workforce is more productive, efficient and engaged.

Herman Miller, Ergonomic From the Beginning

Whether you want to attract a modern, savvier workforce (or simply want to amplify your workplace activity), choosing Herman Miller for your ergonomic adoption is a smart decision.

“[Herman Miller was] the first to study the human body and how people work and how they could design products around that. No one makes a more ergonomic chair better,” says Natalie.

To learn more about Office Environments’ suite of ergonomic offerings, we encourage you to give us a call at 205-443-8300 to get started today.

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