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Framery - The Key to your Open Office Issues

Today’s workspaces are becoming more open and more collaborative than ever, but for many workers to thrive, they need privacy and dedicated spaces for breakout collaboration. While there are plenty of benefits associated with open offices and many proponents who support them, there are still some who are pushing back against these open workspaces.

October 1, 2019
office frame phone booth

Modular, tech-friendly furniture that can be shifted around for privacy is an excellent compromise in the debate over open spaces. This type of furniture creates dedicated space for undistracted work, while also keeping the office open for collaboration and communication.

The Framery suite of products offers a variety of phone booths and meeting pods that fit great into open office floor plans.

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H2: Framery products

Framery is not just a pod or office phone booth; it is a way to transform workplace culture. People use Framery pods, phone booths, and soundproof private spaces for calls, meetings, one-on-one conversations, brainstorming sessions, and distraction-free workspaces. The variety of uses help solve noise and privacy issues in open offices, which makes employees happier and more productive.

Dozens of the world’s leading companies, including Microsoft, Puma, and Tesla, use Framery.

Framery O: This pod is an echo-free, comfortable working environment that is also very sleek and stylish. A combination of sustainably sourced materials, patented technology, and signature design creates award-winning sound-insulation. So, no matter how noisy the office, you always have a place to concentrate.

Framery Q: This office pod is a perfect place for 2-4 people to have meetings, brainstorming sessions, and one-on-one conversations in private without disturbing the whole office – or the office disturbing you. There are plenty of ways to customize and design your Framery Q office pod to suit your needs.

Framery 2Q: The 2Q office booth is designed for 4-6 people. It’s the best place to co-create, brainstorm, and have meetings. The superior sound insulation system ensures a quiet meeting space away from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the office.

H2: Framery fits perfectly in open offices

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Not only do Framery pods and office booths serve as a compromise in the debate over open offices, but they also fit perfectly with the design of these offices. They can go just about anywhere and are easy to move around as needed, so you can always keep your office up to date as new design trends come along.

Additionally, Framery products are very stylish and can be customized to fit in with your workplace’s aesthetic. Framery allows you to choose from a wide range of useful accessories, fashionable colors, and comfortable seating options, so you are able to design and customize these products to blend in with the rest of your work environment. These aren’t big, bulky boxes that loom over your employees - they are sleek and tech-friendly spaces your employees will enjoy using whenever they need to.

Do you think your open office would benefit from the addition of Framery pods and office booths?

Office Environments can help you plan and install the Framery products you need for a happier workforce. From space planning to installation, Office Environments creates innovative, well-designed workplaces that allow your organization to thrive. Drop by our many locations in Alabama and Florida to learn more about us and how we can transform your workplace.