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Meet Canvas Vista: Maximized Workspace, Uncompromised Design

Introducing Canvas Vista: Designed by Joey Ruiter for Herman Miller, made for every office.

February 18, 2019
bright open office setup

Canvas Vista maximizes your workspace footprint without ever minimizing design. A system of desks designed to minimize workstation space, Canvas Vista frees up space for more people or diverse settings. Canvas Vista provides necessary compression without unnecessary compromise.

Smaller Footprint, Greater Potential

In order to do more with less space, Canvas Vista has rethought the traditional desk. Canvas Vista features an elevated power and data chase that lets two-sided storage fit beneath, allowing you to add more people or supplement main work areas.

In smaller workspaces, lack of privacy can cause concern. Not with Canvas Vista. Move inserts into and out of the open-frame screens, store items in thoughtful storage and utilize T-shaped lights to establish boundaries but encourage communication -- whenever you’re ready.

Designed with function in mind, Canva Vista’s dynamic furniture offers flexibility and variety to match your company’s unique character (while still supporting the way your people work best).

desk setup in black and white

Specs and Materials

Canvas Vista is offered in three options: Hive in a footprint of 10’ x 12’ or 10’ x 16’, and Jump Space in a footprint of 6’ x 16’. More productivity and designed compressed into a 16’ footprint -- why take up more space than necessary?

Choose from 4 materials, including textiles, finishes, laminates and woods. No matter your style, Canvas Vista gives character to your workstation. All Canvas Office Landscape products are available in the same materials so your design remains consistent across the board.

Additionally, Canvas Vista is designed as a kit of parts, so you’re not locked down with parts you don’t need. Choose what you need and nothing you don’t. Offerings include structural tools, like chases, legs and data banks; surfaces and tables, including peninsula, cafe and sit-to-stand tables; storage units for individuals and groups; and more.

Access power and data directly in Canvas Vista through an eight-wire, four-circuit shared neutral system. This modernized, sleek system can be configured to meet your team’s different needs.

open office layout

Our Commitments

All Canvas Vista Office Landscape products are backed by our sustainability initiative and come with a 12-year, 3-shift warranty (with limited exceptions).

To learn about Herman Miller’s dedication to sustainability, click here. As part of the Herman Miller network, officenvironments follows the same principles. We work hard to provide outstanding environmentally-conscious products and solutions to reduce your corporate footprint.

Getting Started

Canvas Vista makes small workstations feel big and inviting. Maximized space. Never minimalized design.

We encourage you to stop by one of our showrooms or give us a call. Our team is trained on Canvas Vista and can walk you through any questions you have. We’re confident that Canvas Vista will be a perfect fit for your office, helping you to do more with less.

From quality furnishings to installation, Office Environments creates innovative, well-designed workplaces that allow your organization to thrive. Drop by one of our locations in Alabama and Florida or visit www.officenvironments.com to learn more about us and how we can transform your workplace.