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Workplace Design for the Seasons

Whether we are sipping pumpkin spice lattes, humming holiday tunes or welcoming warmer weather, each season of the year affects how we feel, act and work. In fact, many workplaces endure the impact of the “winter blues” and “summer slump.”

November 1, 2019
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Seasonal depression, often called Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), is a type of depression that's related to changes in seasons. Most begin experiencing symptoms, such as low energy and loss of interest, in the fall and into the winter months. Psychology Today estimates that 10 million Americans are affected by SAD and another 10 percent may have a mild form of SAD.

Fortunately, the interior design of your workplace has the power to boost your mood, stabilize your attitude and enhance your energy. Just as you update your home’s design and decor for each season, incorporate seasonal design strategies into your workplaces. After all, most people spend more time in their workplaces than at home! Here are four ways to adapt to seasonal changes in your office:

Let there be light

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When the weather gets cold and the days get shorter, the lack of natural light that you are exposed to can affect your mood and productivity. Maximize the amount of natural light your workplace gets by opening blinds and curtains. You may want to consider shifting desk layouts, as well, to make sure nobody is left in the dark. On gloomy days when natural light is lacking, you may have to substitute natural light with appropriately-placed artificial light. On the flip side, too much light can cause heat and glare, which can be distracting to workers. Equipping windows with blinds and curtains allows each worker to control how much light and heat enters their space.

Accessorize the area

Making a comfortable and appealing space is all in the details. Incorporate seasonal accessories throughout your workspaces, such as festive tabletop centerpieces in conference rooms, decorative throw pillows in lounge areas, seasonal treat jars in the reception area and more.

Bring the outdoors in

Research shows that bringing nature into the workplace can help reduce stress while increasing creativity and focus. This is called incorporating biophilic design. Strategically place indoor plants or even views of nature on screens throughout your workplace. Read more tips and strategies for implementing biophilic design here.

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4. Celebrate the season

Last, but not least, simply embrace and celebrate the season. Every season has something pleasant to offer, such as pumpkins in autumn, holiday music during the winter, fresh flowers in the spring and more. These simple seasonal touches can impact overall employee happiness morale.

How Office Environments Can Make It Happen

If these seasonal design strategies seem challenging to accomplish, Office Environments is here to help. We have experience in creating unique design plans for education, commercial, healthcare, and governmental workspaces across Alabama and Florida. We also offer Space Planning and Design services, where we can assist you from in-depth research to budget accommodation.

From quality furnishings to installation, Office Environments creates innovative, well-designed workplaces that allow your organization to thrive. Drop by one of our locations in Alabama and Florida or visit www.officenvironments.com to learn more about us and how we can transform your workplace.