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Challenging Space Requires Creative Reconfiguration

At Office Environments we specialize in providing creative workplace solutions that include fitting furniture, adequate storage and prefabricated interiors for healthcare, business, education and government spaces. Our interior designers strive to create work spaces that help organizations achieve their business goals and establish a thriving office culture.

January 15, 2020
A9 Ryslcue office

The goal of office reconfiguration

The first step is understanding the current challenges of your organization as well as the desired functionality of the space. Organizations often rework their spaces to improve their workflows, increase productivity, and accommodate a growing workforce. The goal of office reconfiguration is simply to help you get the most effective use out of your existing workspace. This takes function, comfort and aesthetic appeal into account.

From healthcare to commercial offices, every space and workforce has different challenges. The interior designers at Office Environments aim to achieve your specific goals and meet the unique needs of your workforce. Read how an Office Environments interior designer reconfigured workspace for two of our largest clients.

Reconfiguring a Medical Building for a Public University

WHY Design Yard 05

The design challenge: This client’s goal was to reconfigure four large rooms of existing cubicle furniture into 25 more functional workstations. The space also incorporated 13 private offices with new furniture that needed to blend with the existing furniture and finishes of the reconfigured space.

The creative solution: After taking an exhaustive inventory of the existing space and communicating clear expectations with the client, our designer determined what furniture was needed for an effective and creative reconfiguration of the space. Ultimately, the installation was a success and the final project punch list was minimal. In the end, the client was able to maximize the use of its current space without having to purchase a lot of new furniture.

Transforming a large utility company’s divisional office

The design challenge: This client’s divisional office needed an upgrade and a fresh solution for their cashier stations--a space where customers come in to pay their power bills. In the existing space, the cashier stations were situated on raised platforms, which posed a challenge. Our goal was to use the client’s standard product line and utilize Herman Miller’s Options team to create the perfect fit and finish while providing a safe and interactive environment for their cashiers and customers.

The creative solution: Office Environments provided the customer with several renderings to choose from. Ultimately, they selected a solution that provided more privacy for the cashier and the customer while allowing each cashier to interact with each other--a bonus functionality they didn’t have before! The client and their end users were extremely excited about the improved functionality and fresh look of the finished space.

Let Office Environments reconfigure your space

No matter what design challenge your space faces, Office Environments can work with you to overcome it and provide a creative solution. We have extensive experience in creating unique design plans for education, commercial, healthcare, and governmental workspaces across Alabama and Florida. We also offer Space Planning and Design services, where we can assist you from in-depth research to budget accommodation.

Interested in a Reconfiguration?

Contact one of our designers today to learn more about reconfigurations and how our team can help you look forward to Monday.