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Office Design meets Virtual Reality

When it’s time for an office upgrade, it can be difficult to imagine a redesigned space. You are so accustomed to the layout, flow, and furniture of the existing space that your vision may be limited and biased. Fortunately, the interior designers at Office Environments employ a few tools that allow customers to visualize the space before committing to a new-and-improved design plan.

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Office Space Research and Planning

First and foremost, planning your reconfigured workspace requires knowledge of the space, work activities and requirements, attention to detail, and creativity.

At Office Environments, we start with in-depth research into each client’s requirements for their interior space. This research helps us to fully grasp their needs, wants, and goals for the office environment. After understanding the client’s needs, we prepare a detailed proposal, which includes each piece of furniture specified during the discovery sessions with the executive team.

Office Space Renderings

Next, our design team develops space plans, typicals, and a product budget to aid in the planning and implementation processes. This is when the client can begin to visualize the space.

Office space renderings are a key part of the space planning and design process. Our design team employs Herman Miller’s visualization and planning tools, which allow the client to dynamically view the redesigned office space in 2D or 3D. In a 3D rendering, every aspect of the office design is captured and measured to scale. This includes furniture shapes, dimensions, colors, and even texture.

While inspiration boards and sketches are helpful, they do not provide a full picture or feel of the space as effectively. Office space renderings, on the other hand, combine the best features of traditional presentation materials by showcasing all the proposed design elements united in one picture.

While office renderings have proven to be an indispensable technology for interior designers, new technology is on the horizon.

Office Design meets Virtual Reality

Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) are starting to transform the world of interior design. While office renderings allow you to visualize the space in 2D or 3D, VR and AR technology take it a step further to allow customers to experience the space immersively - to essentially walk around inside the rendering.

Using virtual reality is a win-win for the designer and the customer. This technology helps designers clearly communicate and present their ideas to clients, and the client is able to visualize the space in a whole new way.

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With all of these tools and technologies, visualizing your reconfigured office space will be easier than ever. Are you ready for an office redesign? The designers at Office Environments are here to help.

At Office Environments we specialize in providing creative workplace solutions that include fitting furniture, adequate storage and prefabricated interiors for healthcare, business, education and government spaces. Contact us today to learn more about office reconfigurations and how our team can help you get back to work!

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