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New Year, New Desk - Top Desk Trends 2021

Wherever you’re working in the new year, these top desk trends of 2021 will keep productivity up and backache down.

February 11, 2021
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If 2020 taught us anything, it’s that our desks are more than just a workspace. At home, in the office, or even at an impromptu desk on the couch or in the kitchen, where we work inevitably shapes how we work.

We choose desks based on comfort, style, overall space, and even ergonomic function. Modern desks come in all shapes and sizes and can do any number of neat tricks. If you kicked off the New Year by dragging yourself back to the same disappointing, run-of-the-mill desk, it may finally be time for an upgrade.

With a more modern, more comfortable workspace that inspires and enables us, we can make 2021 our year–our year for the big promotion, our year for the clutch project, our year to make our dreams come true.

The Four Top Trends to Look Out For in 2021

As our work and leisure life aspirations change, our workspaces also continue to adapt. Reflecting both our practical needs and aesthetic desires, here are the top desk trends developing in 2021.

Standing Desks

The predominant trend in fit desks–desks that keep you moving or adjust to allow movement–is, of course, standing desks. While recent studies have thrown dubious light on the actual benefits of sitting vs. standing at your desk, there’s still something nice about getting out of your chair now and then.

Standing desks work best when accompanied by a foam or gel mat underfoot. Your choice of footwear can also maximize benefits and comfort.

Adjustable Height Desks

Somewhere between a standing desk and a sitting desk, adjustable height desks rise to the occasion. As it turns out, most of us have been thinking about desks upside down. According to some in the ergonomic and orthopedic community, it’s the desk that should rise to meet us, not our chairs rising to meet our desks.

Depending on your height, the height of your chair, the angle you take when reaching for your keyboard, and how far from eye level your screen is, your current desk could be causing more pain than you know. Adjustable height desks are here to fix posture and keep everything aligned perfectly.

Group Working Tables

Open-plan offices are all the rage. From tech startups to multinational conglomerates, everyone seems to be hopping on board with less rigid office layouts. At first glance, the long, liberating group working tables common in some offices may resemble dining room tables more than desks. But there’s no denying the space, freedom, and collaboration that these trendy desks encourage. Some employees even prefer a “roaming” approach when selecting their daily work stations.


At the opposite end of the spectrum from group working tables, pods or pod desks offer solitude, serenity, and a workspace free from distraction. While less common than other alternatives, these 3-walled pods can be more comfortable than dreary old cubicles, and they certainly look better too. For some, too modern; for others, just right--no matter what you think about “pod” style workstations, they may just be the 2021 desk trend that takes over the world.

For some, too modern; for others, just right--no matter what you think about “pod” style workstations, they may just be the 2021 desk trend that takes over the world.

New Year, New Desk

At home and in the office, your workstation should work for you. We improve our mood, health, productivity, and the quality of our work and life when we’re comfortable at the right desk. Make 2021 your year by investing in a new desk!

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