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  • In the modern office, privacy is worth its weight in gold.
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In the modern office, privacy is worth its weight in gold.

Not every work conversation needs or deserves an audience, but when privacy is a genuine concern, where can we go to be as safe as possible?

March 11, 2021
framery office pod by Office Environments

So much modern work is done on and for the record. Our emails are time-stamped, their delivery receipts noted. Our outgoing and incoming calls are logged and even occasionally recorded. We clock in, clock out, log in, log off, and all the while, everyone in our office is aware of every bit of business we’re doing within earshot.

While not every industry prioritizes privacy, some downright require it. Military contractors, tech firms, or any organization with proprietary information or potentially sensitive material could use a space where privacy is 100% guaranteed.

Sometimes, privacy allows us to close the difficult deal, have a frank–but necessary–discussion with clients, or pass along sensitive information in total confidence. Other times, we just need a place free from distraction where we can get our best work done.

Even so, what is privacy or solitude in the 21st century? Where can either truly be had? As it turns out, there’s an office innovation growing in popularity for this very purpose.

Framery One

Framery One is the world’s first connected soundproof pod that can easily be installed in any office space for total privacy. Boasting echo-free acoustics and all the connectivity options you’d expect of a modern solution, Framery One is a stylish sanctuary with adaptable workspaces and all the latest in soundproofing technology.

A space for solitude, a space for privacy, a space for an uncomfortable phone call at the office–Framery One can be whatever you need it to be, but one thing you can count on it being is absolutely private.

Check the Specs

Framery One is a lot more than just a quiet box. It’s a modern marvel of comfort, style, and space-travel-level engineering.

Clad in painted, deep-drawn steel panels on the outside and insulated by acoustic foam inside, Framery One marries form and function for a space that’s every bit as good to look at as it is to inhabit. Featuring an adjustable stool, footrest, and counter space complete with power and USB sockets (in the standard model), Framery One is a complete office contained in a cozy package. In Framery One, thirty-minute phone calls and 2-hour-long conference calls are equally as comfortable to take and make.

Framery One doesn’t just maximize privacy–it maximizes sustainability too. While in use, Framery One pods only require 30W of electricity to power the fans that keep inside air cool and circulating. When not in use, the energy requirements plummet to 6W. Framery One pods are sustainable, affordable to own and use, and practically brimming with tech purposefully designed to keep its occupant distraction-free for hours or minutes as needed.

Built for You

Framery One is a practical office space, but it’s also a statement piece that adjusts to the existing aesthetic of your workspace.

Available in six exterior colors (white, gray, black, winter moss, sand, & navy) and nearly as many color options for the interior, carpet, seating, and table, Framery One arrives at your office door ready for incorporation into your already deliberately designed spaces.

Carbon air filters, seismic anchors, wireless chargers, optional LAN connectivity, and even movability kits for greater versatility are all available to match your needs. Framery One is purpose-built with your tastes, needs, and desires in mind. And installation is as simple as saying, “We’d like it over there.”

A Little Quiet in a Loud World

Office Environments is a proud partner of Framery and their premiere product, Framery One. Like Framery, Office Environments believes that in order to revolutionize the way we work, we have to revolutionize where we work.

Framery One meets multiple needs common in today’s work and workforce. In hyper-competitive industries, a little bit of privacy is worth its weight in gold.

Let Office Environments provide you with peace and quiet at the office!

Privacy and solitude come at impossible premiums in the 21st century. But there are moments in life and in business where a little peace and quiet goes a long way. For sensitive moments, difficult internal discussions, or just a bit of “me time,” Framery One and Office Environments can give your office a much-needed sanctuary. For more information on Framery One, contact us today!

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