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More Than an Office - 3Form Adds Modern Elegance

As we drag the concept of “the office” out of the dark ages and into the 21st century, we have to pay extra attention to certain elements of the workspace we might not have considered in the past.

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Gone are the days of drab, padded cubicles with off-beige trimming and gray fabric walls. Gone too are the workforces that thrived in such cloistered environs. Today’s modern workforce cannot operate in those same offices of the 80s and 90s. Today’s workforce needs energy, excitement, and a touch of modern elegance–and all for good reason.

These days, the most skilled laborers can work anywhere. And between the ping pong tables, arcade games, and smoothie bars of other offices, you may find it difficult to recruit the talent you need.

The modern office looks sleek, allows for greater freedom, and emphasizes comfort. Acoustics and aesthetics are vital to presenting your business to both customers and employees as a modern entity capable of 21st-century operation.

Enter 3Form: Focused Designs for your Modern Office

If your office needs an upgrade, you’re in luck. There’s a simple, affordable, and effective solution that can change your office overnight – 3Form features.

3Form specializes in acrylic wall and ceiling features, stylish partitions, and even doors that (believe it or not) look knock-your-socks-off sleek. 3Form’s shelving options are even more space-age and inviting to behold, and–like the other products–they fuse practicality and aesthetic appeal.

Office Environments is thrilled to be the only authorized 3Form dealer in Alabama and the Florida panhandle. With these products, you won’t have to break the bank as you update your 80s-era office for the digital workforce.

Wall Features

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Visually speaking, your office’s walls dominate the landscape. Unadorned white space encourages apathy and, simply speaking, just doesn’t look good. 3Form offers numerous vertical elements with bold styling to break up the TV static look of your office walls.

3Form wall features double as non-direct light sources, creating both ambiance and attitude where there was nothing before. Fins, panels, wall-to-ceiling lightboxes, and 3D features contain LED bulbs and come with color-changing controllers. All features are available in over 250 colors, so that you can tailor your new office to your company’s brand with ease.

Ceiling Features

Clario Cloud Square

A striking ceiling feature–especially at an office’s entrance–can make the best first impression on employees and customers alike. We’ve all walked into an office only to find ourselves enchanted by a unique decorative piece.

3Form’s ceiling features come in all shapes and sizes, including parasols, sails, flags, and other handsome patterns that instill a sense of awe and possibility. Over a front desk or in a meeting room, these features also make for warmer acoustics.


Few offices come readily divided for optimal spacing. A cleverly added partition here and there can give a workspace flow, provide privacy, and improve the visual scope of a workspace.

Floor-to-ceiling, freestanding, modular, and cantilevered partitions composed of varia (a revolutionary, layered material) and available in numerous colors can help you build an office unlike any other. For comfort, freedom, and style, 3Form partitions are leagues above cubicles.

Doors & Shelving

Doors are easy to overlook, but they don’t have to be. Like something straight off the set of Star Trek, 3Form’s downright gorgeous acrylic doors add an unforgettable touch to any modern office.

Shelving, like doors, can be easily dismissed as utilitarian, but 3Form shelving options go several steps past that and into “statement making” territories. The best design elements are unexpected, and a lightbox or fin shelf certainly qualifies.

Modern Office, Modern Work

To make a statement, to recruit the best, to declare your company capable of 21st-century business, you need an office that says as much. With a 3Form design element from Office Environments, you’re not just investing in art – you’re investing in the future of your business.

Let Office Environments update your workspace! To learn more about the latest trends in office spaces, furniture, and other elements, or to see what a 3Form product can do for you, contact us today!

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