Navy Federal Credit Union - Pensacola, FL

Placing focus on the people behind their organization, we helped Navy Federal create a sustainable and efficient campus that supports the needs of their all employees.

exterior office

Navy Federal Credit Union’s Florida campus began as a one-building contact center in 2003, and from the start, their goal was to create an “employee-focused workplace.” Today it is a large business operational organization comprised of four gorgeous, light-filled, sustainable buildings with flexible furniture solutions that help them grow and fosters a happy workforce.

“The whole idea was to create an employee-focused workplace where people would want to get up and go to work every day,” explains Jamie McDonald, Assistant Vice President, Projects and Analysis, Greater Pensacola Operations. The campus, which now includes four buildings, “is beautiful, a delightful place to be, with lots of views of the wetlands, or our ‘backyard,’ as I call it,” says McDonald. “We also offer many creature comforts, including great furniture.”

Showing their employees how much they were valued was very important to Navy Federal. Jennifer Cook, project Account Manager agrees. “Navy Federal practices what they preach,” she observes. “Employees know how hard they’ve worked to give them a comfortable, ergonomic, supportive environment, and they appreciate it.”