Building better starts with people. Our DIRTT team will work alongside yours to create a personalized, smart space. We’re your local DIRTT experts and your partner every step of the way.

At Office Environments, we believe that flexibility plays a crucial role in the future of all organizations. In a post-COVID world, there’s a new focus on functional separation. Prefabricated interior construction products are the future of the built environment and as a DIRTT partner, we’re uniquely positioned to create the space that supports your organization today and into the future. Our interior construction specialists are a key part of the OE+ team. With diverse backgrounds in commercial realty, interior construction, and interior design, we understand how to create a flexible space that is uniquely yours. OE+ works seamlessly with your contractor, architect, and project managers. The result? Projects that exceed your design expectations and are on time and on budget, with no surprises.

Build better with DIRTT

Get ready to build in a whole new way. A construction method that’s faster, cleaner and more sustainable. Know exactly what you’re going to get, how much it will cost, and when it will be done without the guesswork. And as fixed interiors continue to fail, a DIRTT interior is responsive to its core — ready to adapt to whatever your future brings. DIRTT is integrated, prefabricated construction enabled by advanced technology. Yes. This is very different.


We are your local DIRTT experts because we embraced this whole new way of building as part of our future. We are not a product seller, we are your service provider. We become a part of your construction team. We support and educate all stakeholders on the DIRTT construction method from pre-design to move in and beyond. We want to share our love of DIRTT with you.

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