Office Furniture Delivery and Installation Services

At Office Environments, we understand that the proper delivery and installation of office furnishings can be critical. That is why employ trained installers to get the job done!

Designing a functional, new, modern office is an exciting undertaking. Whether it’s redesigning a current space or opening a new area for employees to work, there are many factors to consider when planning the space, furniture, and decor needs. Another key factor to consider is your delivery options. Proper and professional delivery and installation is necessary to ensure that not only does new furniture arrive safely in a client’s space, but that it’s professionally installed for their precise specifications.

Our team at Office Environments works closely with every client to ensure that the design, drafting, construction, and delivery and installation of their office furniture is to their satisfaction. We understand that investing in a new office space is a significant venture with many moving parts, and our team is here to help every business through the entire process.

A member of the Office Environments team arrives on location to deliver and install commercial office furniture.

Office Furniture Delivery Throughout Alabama & Northern Florida

The Office Environments team coordinates with our site manager to ensure that our client’s product is carefully crated and delivered according to the predetermined schedule discussed during the initial consultations. We verify the product in every order against the delivery ticket prior to arriving at the destination, ensuring that our clients receive their complete order.

We provide all of the necessary equipment and preparations with required permits to ensure safe, efficient delivery.

Professional Office Furniture Installation

Office furniture installation is an integral part of any office design. After all, how would businesses be able to utilize their newly-designed furniture without professional installation?

At Office Environments, we ensure proper installation of every furniture component, including desks and/or cubicles, conference room furniture, and decor. Our professional office furniture installation team completes a series of specially-produced training programs and demonstrates a thorough knowledge of our high-quality installation practices.

Following the delivery of our client’s office furniture order, we unpack, assemble, and stage the order in compliance with manufacturer standards. If necessary, we work with our clients at the delivery site to ensure each component is in its proper place.

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At Office Environments, our professional, Herman Miller Certified team takes care of everything a client may need during their office design process. From the initial consultation to pre-planning, we are here to assist our clients with their office design process from drafting to delivery.

our nearest office location to experience our living offices, where our creative teams provide all of our services under one roof. We are here to help, and we maintain a commitment to clean, repair, or replace any damaged product.

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