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What do you do with furniture and equipment your company no longer needs? By partnering with us to resell, donate, and recycle furniture, you can keep unwanted items out of landfills, reduce carbon emissions, and support local charities.

The Herman Miller rePurpose program is an industry-leading resource for managing surplus corporate assets, including furniture, equipment, and supplies. The rePurpose program is a cost-effective, reliable, and efficient service that protects the environment and benefits the community.

We provide one source for dispensing furniture assets you no longer need through the following programs:

  • reSell We help you assess the value of your existing furniture and work with our vendor partners to obtain the highest value for resale.
  • reCycle We work with you to donate your furniture to organizations that recycle the items.
  • reUse We connect you with charitable organizations seeking furniture donations.
  • reMove We oversee the removal of furniture and other assets from your facilities.

General Motors is in the midst of transforming itself from a traditional automotive company to a business that will redefine personal mobility. Enabling more collaboration among employees is a cornerstone of the transformation, so GM has set out to redesign their work environment. Watch how they implemented the rePurpose program to reduce waste and help out local businesses and schools in their area.

Play Corporate Sustainability Efforts and Waste Elimination
GM has partnered with Herman Miller and Green Standards to repurpose tens of thousands of pieces of office furniture and equipment that were displaced by the transformation into $1 million of in-kind donations over the next two years.

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